Contact lenses

Small steps…

  • Save up your used contact lenses and their blister-foil packets – any brand
  • Go to the Terracycle site to find a local drop-off point
  • If there isn’t one nearby, just print off a UPS label and arrange free collection from your door

An easy win, this one – as long as you can persuade your wife that a collection of waste plastic and silver foil isn’t going to entirely ruin the calm aesthetic of your bathroom.

Whatever your brand of contact lense, just store them up until you’re passing a nearby Terracycle drop-off point, then off-load them for free. Alternatively, if you’re too far from a drop-off point, go to the Acuvue website, who initiated the scheme, and print off a freepost label. Then contact UPS to arrange a free collection from your door.

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