Solar panels – are they worth it?

Our 5.4kW array soaking up the sunshine I'm frequently asked whether I'd recommend PV panels, especially since the incentive of the Feed in Tariff (FiT) was lost in spring 2019. So after about sixteen months of living with ours, this seems a good time to offer a summary. I'll start by saying that, while I'm … Continue reading Solar panels – are they worth it?

Protest – from the barricades or from your armchair

Small steps... If stripping off in Parliament or sailing into Oxford Circus seem just a little too overstated, there are plenty more British ways to protest.Make sure politicians know they'll lose your vote and businesses will lose your money unless they act on climate change.Donate in support of those charities protesting on our behalf.Sign up … Continue reading Protest – from the barricades or from your armchair

Divestment and you

Small steps... Check your own investments - especially your pension - and divest (or ask your pension manager to divest) from fossil fuels.Choose alternative investments that support the transition to a greener future through sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices.Be loud and proud of your decision to join the growing movement! -------------------------------------------- Ah, the beauty (cough) of a … Continue reading Divestment and you