Planet-friendly shampoo and soap

Small steps... Dramatically reduce your plastic footprint by swapping those chemical-rich shampoos and soaps for a natural alternative.Try one of the many environmentally-friendly shampoo bars, or an all-in-one body and hair soap.They’re not just better for the planet, but can work out cheaper as well. I can't comment on your 'bounce', 'volume' or 'glossy shine', … Continue reading Planet-friendly shampoo and soap

Ditch the detergent

Small steps... Stop carting those big bottles back from the store, and get yourself an Ecoegg.It's chemical-free, allergy-friendly, and far, far cheaper.It leaves far less residue on your clothes than everyday detergents.Above all, it does a great job of cleaning. I honestly can't think of a single reason not to get one. (Can't quite … Continue reading Ditch the detergent

Plastic-free cleaning

Small steps... Swap the supermarket's ubiquitous sponge scourers for one of the environmentally-friendly alternatives.Dare to give them as gifts so your friends and family can try them for themselves! -------------------------------------------- A plastic-free (and cheaper!) alternative to plastic sponge scourers For all the years we've been running our holiday cottages, the routine was always the same: … Continue reading Plastic-free cleaning