To fly or not to fly

Small steps... Recognise the true cost of a plane ticket beyond the purely financial.Wherever possible, swap the plane for a train.Protest against any airport expansion until the current infrastructure is carbon-neutral and running at capacity.Encourage businesses to reduce flights and offset.Don't be a frequent flyer but, if you have to go by plane, go economy, … Continue reading To fly or not to fly

Green electricity – Part 2

Small steps... Wherever possible, REDUCE ENERGY USE.Get your electricity from a supplier offering '100% renewable' power.Better still, distinguish between the truly green suppliers and the 'greenwashed': sign up to one that directly invests in renewable generation. There's green and there's GREEN.(Photo by Annabelle Tipper) For years, I've cheerfully subscribed to 100% green tariffs on the … Continue reading Green electricity – Part 2

Protest – from the barricades or from your armchair

Small steps... If stripping off in Parliament or sailing into Oxford Circus seem just a little too overstated, there are plenty more British ways to protest.Make sure politicians know they'll lose your vote and businesses will lose your money unless they act on climate change.Donate in support of those charities protesting on our behalf.Sign up … Continue reading Protest – from the barricades or from your armchair

Ditch the detergent

Small steps... Stop carting those big bottles back from the store, and get yourself an Ecoegg.It's chemical-free, allergy-friendly, and far, far cheaper.It leaves far less residue on your clothes than everyday detergents.Above all, it does a great job of cleaning. I honestly can't think of a single reason not to get one. (Can't quite … Continue reading Ditch the detergent

Whosoever plants a tree…

Small steps... Plant trees! But choose species native to your area.Donate to The Woodland Trust. They not only plant trees and protect existing woodland, but lobby government to strengthen legislation and meet its own commitments.Be a NIMBY! Fight for the life of every tree.Consider the impact of your diet on forests around the world.Volunteer with … Continue reading Whosoever plants a tree…