About me

My wife thinks I’m having a mid-life crisis. She reckons that, instead of buying a sports car or having an affair with someone half my age, I’ve hitched my focus onto the issue of climate change. And maybe she’s right (though I’d be happy with a sports car, and you can contact me here).

Whether my response was age-related or not, when the IPCC’s “12 years” report came out in October 2018, I panicked – at both the report itself and the fact that no one else seemed to be panicking. I wanted to swear off airports, turn off the boiler and hide in a cave, only emerging to shout at others to turn off their lights and stop eating meat. My wife, being a bit more normal, resolved to address the issue without it impacting on our family’s quality of life.

Which makes us a good team: I’m motivated to investigate and make suggestions, while she ensures that any steps we actually adopt are balanced and, above all, realistic. We’re still going to take (flight-free) holidays and heat our home, eat the occasional chicken and shop in the supermarket. But we’re going to do what we can to think global while acting local.