The greatest opportunity ever wasted

Photo by Anne Nygard Everyone agrees that the misery of COVID-19 presents an opportunity. Never has it been more necessary to reset our broken world, and never has there been more willingness amongst the public. Policies that only recently were inconceivable, from mothballing airports to shutting us in our homes, have become reality. Consumers and … Continue reading The greatest opportunity ever wasted

Why offsetting isn’t the answer we think it is

Small steps... Offsetting via a reputable organisation is better than nothing, but mustn't impede real emissions REDUCTIONS.Be consistent: if you recognise the need to offset your flying, consider offsetting your other carbon-based activities as well, from driving to heating your home. That way the cost (and raised awareness) will only help encourage the necessary REDUCTIONS.Challenge … Continue reading Why offsetting isn’t the answer we think it is

Toilet paper – One small wipe for a man; one giant smack in the face for mankind?

Small steps... Check the virgin wood fibre content of your toilet paper, eg. via an FSC certification.Try one of the cheaper, more sustainable and more hygienic alternatives to paper, as used by the world's vast majority.If your butt insists on paper, go for a brand made from 100% recycled wood fibre. Photo by Fikri Rasyid … Continue reading Toilet paper – One small wipe for a man; one giant smack in the face for mankind?

Planet-friendly shampoo and soap

Small steps... Dramatically reduce your plastic footprint by swapping those chemical-rich shampoos and soaps for a natural alternative.Try one of the many environmentally-friendly shampoo bars, or an all-in-one body and hair soap.They’re not just better for the planet, but can work out cheaper as well. I can't comment on your 'bounce', 'volume' or 'glossy shine', … Continue reading Planet-friendly shampoo and soap

Whosoever plants a tree…

Small steps... Plant trees! But choose species native to your area.Donate to The Woodland Trust. They not only plant trees and protect existing woodland, but lobby government to strengthen legislation and meet its own commitments.Be a NIMBY! Fight for the life of every tree.Consider the impact of your diet on forests around the world.Volunteer with … Continue reading Whosoever plants a tree…