Toothpaste tablets – putting my money where my mouth is

Designed by dentists, unnoticed by my wife They say that after just six click-throughs, Facebook knows you better than you know yourself. I wasn’t so sure when it started showing me adverts for toothpaste tablets. But then I made the mistake of reading up a bit. The problems with standard toothpaste The issue, it seems, … Continue reading Toothpaste tablets – putting my money where my mouth is

How to dispose of CDs, DVDs and cassettes

£8.99 to recycle everything here About a year ago, my wife went digital. Any prerecorded DVDs or CDs were sent to charity, but that still left all her cassettes and several dozen homemade mixes on CD that were simply bundled up and - because our local council wouldn't take them for recycling - chucked in … Continue reading How to dispose of CDs, DVDs and cassettes

Planet-friendly shampoo and soap

Small steps... Dramatically reduce your plastic footprint by swapping those chemical-rich shampoos and soaps for a natural alternative.Try one of the many environmentally-friendly shampoo bars, or an all-in-one body and hair soap.They’re not just better for the planet, but can work out cheaper as well. I can't comment on your 'bounce', 'volume' or 'glossy shine', … Continue reading Planet-friendly shampoo and soap

Plastic-free cleaning

Small steps... Swap the supermarket's ubiquitous sponge scourers for one of the environmentally-friendly alternatives.Dare to give them as gifts so your friends and family can try them for themselves! -------------------------------------------- A plastic-free (and cheaper!) alternative to plastic sponge scourers For all the years we've been running our holiday cottages, the routine was always the same: … Continue reading Plastic-free cleaning